Life through a (tiny) lens

Like most folk I own a mobile phone (a Sony Xperia to be precise) My phone is an important part of business life....emails, calls, social media updates etc. The reason I bought this phone (apart from the business use) was the camera, one of the best on the market when I signed my new contract. 

I spend a few days of my week having daddy days with one of my boys, Ed. He starts school next year. After the school run is done for his big bro we love to go out and explore. We are pretty blummin spoilt down here in Devon. It truly is a beautiful part of the country.

Whilst out on these jollies (and full family trips at the weekend) its inevitable my phone is in my pocket and being a photographer these 2 combine in a rather lovely way.

I currently use the app VSCOcam which is a fantastic camera app. Similar to Instagram but more focussed (no pun intended) on the taking of the photo and editing it.

I've amassed rather a lot of photos over the last 18months and I have just had to take alot of my phone to free some space so I thought I would pop a few up on my site.

DISCLAIMER - Look away now if you hate beaches, small people having fun and clouds