A weekend exploring Barcelona!

Went away with the lovely Wife

Didn't take my camera.......on purpose!

Still couldn't resist snagging a few phone shots from the weekend :)

Iceland......The Land of Fire & Ice!!

Iceland......The Land of Fire & Ice!!

This country sure didn't disappoint, infact I am already planning my next trip back (this time with the family!)

I didn't come to Iceland on my own, this was actually a 'working' trip (I promise!)

Back last September I photographed Tracia and Graham's wedding. I have known these guys for a few years now. Just before the wedding Graham messaged me 'I have an idea about our pre-shoot.....can we make it a post-shoot instead?' I thought, ok, no problem, I wonder what his idea is?! He starts 'Well, myself and Tracia got engaged out in Iceland 2 years ago and we would love to go back and wondered if you fancied coming with us to get some better photos in slightly drier (but way colder!) weather?' Cue my responce..........Ummm, YES PLEASE!!

Tracia and Graham's friend Fi came along to. Graham is a keen photographer and had planned a day for us to go on a little photographers roadtrip so Fi and Tracia could go off and do their own thing for a day!

Fast forward a few months and the trip was on! We arrived into Keflavik Airport after an amazing 2.45hr flight running away from the sunrise (that was surreal!) It was chucking it down with snow when we landed, what a welcome, I bloody love snow! (I really do!)

Not 20mins after that snow at the airport the skies cleared completely and we were blessed with these clear skies almost the entire 4 days!

Now these guys had been to Iceland twice before but one thing they had not been lucky enough to see was the Northern Lights so we had done a good amount of research on how to keep and eye on the forecasts etc before we went. I highly recommend this Facebook group if you ever go: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AuroraIceland/

To see the lights you not only need the aurora activity but obviously clear skies to see it (and a non existent moon to get the best pics) Well we couldn't have been more lucky with the weather the whole trip.

Without making this sound like a diary entry (and I'm not one for words!) Here's what we got upto!

The Blue Lagoon, Reynisfjara Black Beach and Lighthouse, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Skogarfoss Waterfall, Thingvellir National Park and the Northern Lights from Grotta Lighthouse in Reykjavik plus a million little stops here and there for photo ops and exploring!

I will let the pictures do the talking (I did through in a handful of my camera pics in there to as I didn't always have my big camera on me)

Oh, and here is a super short film I made with the drone. I did have a few issues with it out there due to interference with the GPS and compass - something to do with the magnetic properties of the (once lava) rock that the island is largely made from! I am prob best to go back out and try this again ;-)

Also, do click on the pics to scroll through, this was a biggish blog post so I have hosted them slightly differently.

#cue Paul Whitehouse voice…….Isn't modern tech - BRILLIANT!

We had a little family camping trip down to St Ives this weekend as I had a photo booth booking in Carbis Bay on Saturday evening. When I arrived back to the campsite at about 9.15pm my 2 boys were still awake so we decided to take a walk down to Gwithian dunes to catch the sunset over the ocean (living on the south coast I don't see a sunset over the ocean!) 

I had left my camera in the camper but had my trusty Xperia phone on me, I am always surprised how well it performs for little candid snaps :)

We didn't quite have the picture perfect sunset but I think we had better, just the right amount of dramatic clouds to really make it special.

48hours of free time in Italy!

At the end of last month I was in Italy to photograph Jayme and Dom's wedding at an amazing venue in the hills near Maranello (photos of this to follow soon!)

I was lucky that I had a about 2 free days whilst out there so I decided to go an explore this amazing country.

I was in the place Ferrari was conceived and I'm a 'car guy' so naturally I made some time to head to the Enzo Ferrari's house and grounds which has now been turned into an amazing museum about him and Ferraris history.

I also wanted to travel further afield on one day as I was pretty much slap-bang in central Italy so could travel to quite a few destinations in a few hours. I decided to head to Venice for the day, only 2hr's 20mins from my hotel. I have 2 small children so the early rise that morning was no trouble at all!

Venice is an amazing place, I bought a water taxi ticket but missed the first boat I wanted to go on by a few minutes so decided to just start walking. 2 hours later I was still bumbling around little alleyways and over tiny bridges, such an amazing feeling to sometimes switch off and just get lost in a new place.

A slightly chilly hello from Topsham

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely Devon and Paul this morning to chat about their wedding plans. They also just so happen to own the very awesome Route 2 Cafe in Topsham (I had a great Flat White and sausage sandwich if you are interested)

Very much looking forward to being part of your big day!

Devon wedding photographer | Yeti Photography