Drone Wedding Photography - Devon

It's no secret that drone photography and film is now soaring (pun intended) in popularity…………and these Devon wedding photographers love a gadget!!

Matt and I bought our first drone about 2 years ago to experiment with. Within a few months of casually flying we realised it was something we wanted to utilise for day to day work and start offering to clients formally.

Drone use within commercial and wedding work has historically caught a little bad press in the past, you only read about those near misses with aeroplanes etc! That’s why its governed heavily in the UK via the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) 

For us to be able to offer drone coverage for weddings in Devon we attended a course to gain our PfCO ((Permission for Commercial Operations) from a CAA approved flight school. This has enabled us to now legally operate a drone business in the UK following the standard drone code for safe flying. This also means we now have appropriate insurance for this kind of work.

The drone is an amazing tool for Matt and I to utilise for wedding work. It enables us not only to capture some amazing aerial footage of wedding venues but also dramatic couple moments to incorporate into your wedding film.......those romantic walks across a Summer sunset lit field or on a stroll on the edge of a cliff path.

For me as a wedding photographer it has also opened my eyes to create some really unique Bride & Groom portraits. This could just be a simple aerial shot of a location (like the film examples above) But I also now look at a scene and imagine what it may look like from above (it's a strange thought process I have, but it works!) As a wedding photographer, you do naturally shoot at the same venues a few times a year but since having the drone I am looking at these venues in a completely new way! Shots that I took at ground level now look very different from 50metres up! 

Ofcourse, our drone services can be used for projects other than weddings to. If you have plans for a project please do get in touch to chat and get pricing information.

We are Devon based photographers but happy to travel to your location.