A slightly chilly hello from Topsham

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely Devon and Paul this morning to chat about their wedding plans. They also just so happen to own the very awesome Route 2 Cafe in Topsham (I had a great Flat White and sausage sandwich if you are interested)

Very much looking forward to being part of your big day!

Devon wedding photographer | Yeti Photography

A blog post about stairs……yep, stairs

Out of all the Devon Wedding venues I do love Haldon Belvedere's main stairs! I know that is a slightly nutty thing to say (stair geek they call me!) But look…….

A look back over a fantastic 2015 | Devon Wedding Photography

I know I am a few days late with this. If I'm honest I have only just found my computer under a mountain of wrapping paper, empty cardboard boxes and Quality Street wrappers (kids and Christmas is a messy mix!)

I have been so lucky to photograph so many amazing weddings during 2015. A HUGE thank you to all the Brides/Grooms, venues (and caterers! ;-) ) I have worked with this year.

2016 is looking super busy already and along with a host of amazing South West weddings booked I also have 2 trips to shoot weddings abroad which I am super excited about!

I wish you all a successful and happy 2016!