48hours of free time in Italy!

At the end of last month I was in Italy to photograph Jayme and Dom's wedding at an amazing venue in the hills near Maranello (photos of this to follow soon!)

I was lucky that I had a about 2 free days whilst out there so I decided to go an explore this amazing country.

I was in the place Ferrari was conceived and I'm a 'car guy' so naturally I made some time to head to the Enzo Ferrari's house and grounds which has now been turned into an amazing museum about him and Ferraris history.

I also wanted to travel further afield on one day as I was pretty much slap-bang in central Italy so could travel to quite a few destinations in a few hours. I decided to head to Venice for the day, only 2hr's 20mins from my hotel. I have 2 small children so the early rise that morning was no trouble at all!

Venice is an amazing place, I bought a water taxi ticket but missed the first boat I wanted to go on by a few minutes so decided to just start walking. 2 hours later I was still bumbling around little alleyways and over tiny bridges, such an amazing feeling to sometimes switch off and just get lost in a new place.