Eiry & Chris - Oldwalls Gower - Wales

Venue - Oldwalls Gower

"We were most fortunate to be introduced to Vince’s work after attending a close friend’s wedding. We had the benefit of seeing him work without necessarily coughing up the dough ;) Looking from the outside in, we saw that Vince was fantastically professional and worked diligently with the couple to get the shots that they wanted. A few months later - when the print outs came through - we really saw the quality of his work - we knew (my partner and I) that we just had to have him.

We spent a large portion of our wedding budget to ensure that we got the whole-nine-yards package from Yeti. We knew from the outset that he would be worth every penny and - without a shadow of a doubt - it really, really was.

Vince’s professionalism shined again on our wedding pre-shoot and gave us a chance to work together as both couple and a photographer. Vince was never overbearing with direction and gently guided us to get the perfect shots. We bonded really well and felt completely at ease with him around, which in turn, gave us all the better shots which we are so very fond of.

When the “Big Day” came around Vince wowed us again. The lead up, ceremony and reception went by without a hitch - we didn’t even realise he was there half the time - a sign of a really great professional. Fundamentally, he let us be us and just captured the moment - perfectly.

We began knowing Vince as a professional acquaintance, then becoming our photographer and, most importantly, ending as friends. I cannot recommend his work highly enough. He’s worth his height in gold!"