What is this pre-shoot you offer then Vince??

Well, funny you should ask........Well I do love to meet up with my lovely bride and grooms before the big day arrives. Infact I love to meet them a few times! This inevitably happens anyway with first meetings, planning meetings at the venue etc

One of my main aims as a wedding photographer is to make you feel comfortable. I think 80-90% of people I meet haven't had a photo taken (in fairly close quarters) professionally before. I expect you may feel like this could be a bit awkward. There really isn't any need for it to be.

This is why I offer the pre-shoots. Its a time for us to get to know each other a little better, lets go for a stroll on your favourite beach, on a boat, to the zoo or meet on Dartmoor for sunrise!

I will get to see how you are infront of the camera. This way I can adjust my way of working to make you feel relaxed, this is turn will mean the photos are more natural. This will obviously help massively on the big day when you have lots of other things already buzzing around your minds!

It's a win-win!