A little about me and my approach to Wedding Photography

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That’s me - Vince, the guy with the silly beard. Perhaps that gives you a clue how the name Yeti Photography came about - well, that and the size 13 feet!

The aim of this page is to give you a little more info about me, and the way I approach wedding photography. If by the end of it you have any questions please just ask... despite the 6ft4 size, I’m honestly super friendly and approachable :)

I am very lucky to live in the ‘English Riviera’ in Devon, with my wife, two boys and Stan the Springer Spaniel (<— nutcase)

I have been a full time professional wedding photographer for just over 7 years, I have shot over 300 weddings in that time and am very proud to be nominated as a finalist in the 2016, 2017 & 2018 South West Wedding Awards and went on to win the title of The Best Reportage Wedding Photographer in the South West in 2017 & 2018.


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I'm unobtrusive, even a yeti has a stealth mode.....

My aim is to capture the little moments that made your wedding day what it was.

I want your photos to be packed with little surprises of things you may have missed, whether it’s your mum doing the Macarena, your dad having a thoughtful whisky out the back, or your uncle on the lawn half naked for reasons no one can fully explain.


I try to approach every wedding A little uniquely

This isn’t a byword for ridiculously, hipster-y, or impractically. I just like to get creative when the time is right, to give you some shots that really stand out!

To put your mind at ease, my FIRST priority is to get those shots you really care about – the ones that you would expect from a wedding photography album. Think ceremony shots, the dress, the party (I love the party bit!) and those group shots with your cousins from Australia you never really see – those kinds of things.

devon wedding photographer yeti photography

I Recognise that (sadly) your Wedding day is Unrepeatable

You need a photographer who is reliable and is prepared for the unexpected. That’s why I am always on time. In fact, I’m usually unnecessarily early, wandering around the venue scoping shots out. With me, I carry a whole load of back up gear so I can switch anything out quickly in the (very unlikely) event of tech problem.

'Sorry, who is that guy with the camera?'

I guess that would be me! And hopefully the above is a question you never get asked at your wedding because I really do make a point of meeting all of your guests and having a bit of a natter and a giggle.

For me it’s not just important, its essential that you and your guests feel relaxed when the cameras out so they don’t revert to awkward smiles ...or worse, a duckface.

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P.A.R.T.wHY........because you gotta!

I certainly won't be leaving when your first dance is finished, that's when traditionally you invite your friends and family to party, and I absolutely love party time! It's one of my favourite parts to capture. Inhibitions are put to one side, ties go from around necks to around foreheads and those personalties really come out!